As a Wedding and Event Planner, I know what goes into a wedding. All the time, effort, love, money, blood sweat and tears, but on the day all you see is the love and fun that everyone is having. Couples don’t see what goes on behind the scenes, leading up to the day and on the day, until they are involved in the actual planning process and the wedding; whether it be for a friend’s or family’s wedding or their own, but that’s where we come in. WE are there to HELP with any and all aspects of your wedding so you can reduce your stress load and actually enjoy your day.

People begin planning their wedding at different stages in life. After the engagement, when their friends start getting married, or even when they were 5 years old and with how far technology has come, there is no end to the possibilities; just remember Pinterest isn’t always your best friend. For the most part we can take your Pinterest ideas, and just like magic, turn them into your dream wedding. We develop relationships with all your other vendors and work as a team, so that on the day you can walk into your wedding and just enjoy it. You shouldn’t have to be setting up and fighting with your backdrop on the morning of your wedding when you should be getting your hair done. Leave it to us for your Decorating 101.

Decorating can be time consuming and you shouldn’t have to worry about it on the day of your event. Sometimes you can get into the venue a day or two early so you are able to decorate with your friends and family which is great and can cut down on some costs, but you may not have the quality that you are wanting. Sometimes you can’t get into the venue till the day of or the night before and, at this point, you should be hanging out with friends and family, relaxing and enjoying the occasion; not up till 3am tying 200 bows and fighting with center pieces to stay up. From all the pins and pipe cleaners, we have the experience and know how to make sure that your wedding looks perfect and you and your family can just enjoy it.

We as wedding planners don’t do this as a profession because it pays the bills, we don’t do it because we weren’t able to get an office job somewhere, we don’t do it for the praise and thank-yous that may or may not come along with each event, and we definitely don’t do this as a profession because it’s glamorous (because it’s not). The dirty secret is that we do this job because we love organization and the satisfaction of a successful event. That success is measured in a million different ways and is different for every event. We love seeing our clients happy and able to relax and enjoy themselves; I can’t emphasize this enough. We do this for YOU.

Wedding Planner is a general title that means so much more to our wonderful clients. It stands for whatever they need it to from controller of life to confidant, from friend to the shadow on the wall, from designer of beauty to just the person who puts out the midnight lunch, from an annoying bossy boots to the person who restores your sanity so you can make it past 9pm. We do it all, so you don’t have to!

~Chantal, Imagine Events