Every person who books a photographer has different preferences, so today my first thing I’m going to tell you is, there are so many options. My first recommendation is set your budget for your photographer and look around, every photographer is different, has different packages, pricing, styles etc. so below I’m going to recommend some things to look out for.

Certain things to look for when searching for a photographer

When you’re looking for a photographer one of the things, I highly recommend are checking out their social media and website. The reason I say look at both of the platforms and compare the work, especially if your hiring a new photographer it is very common for them to use the template photos from the original website builder, due to their experience. If you can see that someone can’t finish their website, will you really want them to work on your wedding.

Another thing to look for is the what style of photography you like, or certain things that pop out to you, such as certain photos. Also check out reviews, or ask for recommendations from friends and family etc. Also make sure your photographer is a certified business, the photographer market is really big, and not everyone will be honest.

What do you do if you have a few photographers in mind and can’t choose?

If you have more then one photographer in mind, don’t be afraid to message them, ask questions, and ask for a meeting. Talking to photographers on messages through a computer is one thing and meeting them in person another. When you meet your photographer in person, you get to meet them, see if you like their vision, there personality, and see if they have the same vision of your day then you do. This is something you should think about this is so you can make sure your photographer is the right fit. Before making your decision, you may want to book a photo shoot with them to see how they work, and how professional they are.

Things you may want to ask:

To see their contract.

What’s their vision is for your day?

Ideas for locations?

What Wedding packages they have?

What is all included in their Wedding Packages?

Can you get contacts for References?

How many photos will you get?

Will you get printing rights?

What is the deposit?

Can you share your images on Social Media?

Why you shouldn’t hire a family or friends

Sometimes people have low budgets and think hiring a family friend will save them some money because they can work a camera. For people wanted to do this I have three words, DON’T DO IT! Even though it seems like slim to none, there are photographers who want to work with people with modest budgets. Those family friends who are not photographers may not know how to deal with the stress and some brides have specific things that they want for their photography that they are not trained for.

One of the biggest things a bride wants for her big day, is for everything to be perfect. If you hire a friend or family and something goes wrong with the equipment or pictures, they will be held responsible. They won’t be able to enjoy the day, cause they will feel terrible. Imagine seeing that person at your next holiday family supper! It’s not good!


Once you are ready to go, And have your photographer picked, make sure you review their contract. Different photographers have different stipulations. For example, you must order prints through them, no posting on social media, ect. Give the contract a real good read. Even get a second person to take a look so you aren’t missing anything and so you know what you are getting in writing. Contracts are made to protect you and the photographer, so make sure you hire someone in your best interest.

~Lindsey, Photographer, Imagine Events