Corporate gifts are not just souvenirs for your guests. Theses accessories also serve as effective marketing tools to send your brand message across. Every time your customer, employee, or any stakeholder uses such items, you get to advertise your brand.

That is one of the reasons why you must choose the best and most popular corporate gift ideas to establish your authority in the industry.

Here are some unique corporate giveaway ideas to make your event, seminar, or any corporate event a success.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

A 3-D Portrait

Who doesn’t want to look to like a figurine? One of the best corporate gifts is to hand to your guests is a 3D selfie. Thanks to state of the art technology, each one of your guests can get his/her 3D portrait. All they have to do is stand inside a booth where dozens of DSLR cameras capture every angle in a flash. The images are transformed into 3D data, thanks to custom-built software. Now that’s a perfect gift for everyone. They are sure to recall your event every time they look at their mini-me.

Coloring Books for Adults

Today, adult coloring books are becoming increasingly popular. Thanks to a variety of books that contain different themes, characters, and pictures, you provide your guests a valuable tool to overcome anxiety and depression. These books are feature forests, animals, Disney characters, superheroes, and just about everything to keep everyone busy and happy.

Customized Mugs, Apparel, and Notebooks

Brands can add their logo, branding message, and other elements to just about anything. Whether it is a notebook or a t-shirt, you can add your company logo or other elements such as contact details to initiate engagement.

Travel Chargers

Who doesn’t love having extra chargers for free? It’s common for today’s businesses to give travel chargers to their event participants. USB tools are great corporate gift items in this digital world. Your guests will love having a small portable charger that easily fits into their luggage.


Most companies choose chocolates, especially if they are choosing a corporate giveaway for a holiday event. Since these treats come in all shapes and sizes, you choose the best ones according to your budget and needs.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifs are less expensive. Yet, they do a wonderful job of promoting your brand or introduce a new product. Popular virtual gifts include eBooks, ecards, gift coupons, and vouchers.

Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Another functional yet affordable corporate gift item, small and colorful portable Bluetooth speakers are great for all kinds of corporate events. You can choose from a variety of affordable options if you don’t want to spend a fortune on hi-tech accessories. You can add your logo or company name to personalize these items.

Branded Cookies

If you don’t want to go for chocolates, try cakes or cookies with your message printed on top. Most shops and bakers give you an attractive discount if you order these in bulk.


Make an everlasting impression on your guests by gifting some fine wine. As it is one of the most luxurious corporate gifts you can gift to your participants, the best type of events to have this giveaway is an anniversary or a special celebration. You can get customized small wine boxes to gift your guests an awesome souvenir.

Final Thoughts

Trade shows, conferences, and events are hectic to manage. If you partner with a professional event management company, you can take care of everything. Your event planners can help you choose the best corporate giveaways, which are great for your event and fit under your budget.