Wow, those words still don’t seem real. I’m sure most of you brides can relate! Even months later it is still surreal that I am officially a bride. After being apart of so many weddings for friends and family I never thought my turn was right around the corner.

How did it happen? Were you expecting it? Did he ask your dad? Was it what you pictured!?

There were so many questions! Questions of course, that I don’t think a newly engaged person ever gets tired of answering. Making all of our happy news phone calls was super exciting for both me and my fiance (although my phone calls seemed to last a lot longer) Most of my phone calls and conversations in the next few days were all very similar. Starting with;

How did it happen?

We have a favourite spot out by the damn that we often take our dogs to in the late spring/ summer to to run and swim. Normally we walk on the beach and watch. Something did feel different this evening as he was very jittery. We walked to the end of the beac: when we started to turn back he jokingly said this would be a real nice spot for a proposal. I should mention that we are never serious people- pulling pranks and joking around is an everyday thing for us. When I realized he was slightly down on one knee I thought, WOW is this happening! Just as that thought crossed my mind he was back up on two feet laughing and jogging down the beach yelling back “just kidding”! Of course I laughed but was a tad annoyed. We made it back to where the vehicle was parked up on the peak overlooking the beach where the dogs were running below. The waves looked like they blended into the gloomy grey sky. Little did I know that for the rest of the night it would be anything but gloomy. I figured it was time to go as I slowly turned around he said to me again, wouldn’t this be a good spot for a proposal? I was about to call him every name in the book but this time when I turned around he was down on one knee with a shiny box in his hand. OH MY GOD! I almost fell over. The only part that I really remember after this was saying YES YES YES a million times. Then came the tears….

Were you expecting it?!

Absolutely NO! I’m a bit nosey, so I am very happy and shocked that he was able to surprise me even though marriage was something we frequently talked about.

My favourite question has to be – did he ask your dad?

Yes, he actually went that afternoon to ask my parents for their blessing. Of course my mom was over the moon excited! I find it uncommon these days to get a parent blessing and doing so made it so much more heartwarming for me.

Was it what I pictured?

This question was only asked to me a couple times but it was the most interesting to me. As little girls we picture how our one day weddings will be. We picture how the big moment will happen or when it will happen. Will it happen on a vacation, at a fancy restaurant or a sporting event? Now that I am an adult I realize that none of these things are important. The perfect engagement in general doesn’t exist. I think any engagement is perfect to those getting engaged. Each couple is different and their passions are different. Any time and effort put in to planning and engagement that’s specific to the couple involved is perfect in its own way.

For me I never really pictured what my perfect moment would be. As we started dating our passion for animals was evident very quick. Over the last few years we have rescued 4 dogs so naturally it was a no-brainer that our dogs would be there to watch our special moment. I look back now and realize that in that moment it was absolutely perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing.