If you don’t want to go for a traditional floral wedding centerpiece, there are multitudes of options available, according to your taste. You can opt for decorated branches, candles, ice, or even a small plant. The idea is to go creative with your centerpieces and make your wedding more unique.

Some couples also like to add an exclusive touch to their fall or winter wedding by placing fresh fruit baskets or a wooden box filled with treats and chocolates. If you are planning a beach wedding, a glass bowl with sand and shells is also a great idea. The key is to choose a piece that goes in harmony with the theme and colors of your wedding.

Let’s take a look at some of the most interesting non-floral wedding centerpiece ideas, without going overboard your budget.

Christmas Tree Ornaments

Looking to add more festivity to your winter wedding? Incorporate some Christmas tree décor items to your wedding event. You can fill glass vessels with colorful ornaments to add a festive touch to your tables. Your guests will love wreaths of faux holly, berries, and pinecones around the bottom of each vessel. Don’t forget to add flickering candles for a more dramatic effect.


If you want to create a country-chic vibe, using a teacup centerpiece lets you add an elegant touch to your wedding décor. You can find pretty-looking vintage china from your local flea market. Add a single flower to every cup and set strands of faux pearls or votive candles around it for a beautiful and whimsical display.


As long as you choose the right kind of books for your wedding décor, everyone is going to love a stack of classic novels on each table. Your event planners can make this arrangement classier by doing something creative like placing beautiful-handmade bookmarks inside every book. That will encourage your guests to open or skim through a book of poems or love-quotes.  

Potted Plants

If you are planning for a sustainable wedding, the best centerpieces to add to your décor are green-filled planters. You can go for different shapes, sizes, and vessel styles for arranging a rustic display. Add a striped farm runner, small lanterns, and metallic numbers to make things more interesting.

Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Fresh Fruits

Traditionally, ripe fruits symbolize fertility and abundance. You can turn your wedding centerpieces into a gorgeous display of colors by using a mix of different fruits. Take large bowls and fill oranges, lemons, and other bright-colored fruits. If you are planning a fall wedding, use picnic baskets and put some green, yellow, and red apples.

For a tropical or beach wedding, use slices of coconut or pineapples while bowls of red berries will add more fun to your winter wedding. You can also encourage your guests to take these centerpieces home as souvenirs.

Wine Bottles

Use wine bottles that complement the color theme of your event. Printing out large numbers and sticking them on top of the labels is a great idea to benefit from this contemporary non-floral wedding centerpiece idea. Wine bottles look great if you are planning a wedding reception at a winery or a vineyard.

Sweet Treats

The delicious-looking treats serves as a modern centerpiece and a wedding favor. Take small glass vessels and layer each one with crushed candy or colored sugar. Stick in a handful of pinwheel lollipops that go with your color scheme. Remember to put at least one for each guest at the table.

Final Thoughts

Going creative with unique non-floral centerpieces make your wedding different and memorable. Some of these ideas will cost you less than traditional floral centerpieces. Just make sure the elements you choose go with the theme of your wedding.