Looking for a cute, fun, and easy way to take your party or event up a notch? We love a one-colour idea for any kind of event — whether it’s a baby shower, birthday party, family reunion, and more. Simply choose a colour for the theme, and deck out every aspect of your event in that colour, including your guests!

Recently, I helped plan a one-colour birthday party at a family home. We chose the colour white for the theme. Below is how we pulled this off, and some ideas for how you can too. This idea is easy to customize exactly how you like it, and can be quite affordable as well (dollar store is your friend for this one!).

Photo by Evelina Friman on Unsplash
  • White balloons, which we used to create a balloon arch over the entrance to the party, and some balloons tossed loosely around the party area
  • White streamers hanging from the ceiling
  • White candles and white candleholders
  • Substituted the usual home decor in the party area for any white items laying around other areas of the house, such as white throw pillows and white lampshades
  • White dishes, bowls, and serving platters
  • White table cloths and chair covers
  • White string lights hung around the party area

Food & Drink

  • White yogurt covered pretzels and white cheddar popcorn in bowls on a snack table
  • Perogies — an easy appetizer and crowd pleaser!
  • White creamy drinks (find a creamy liqueur for this one)
  • Tortilla roll ups/pinwheels
  • White chocolate desserts, vanilla ice cream, or cake/cupcakes with white icing

Guest Attire

  • Guests were asked to show up wearing all white outfits
  • We provided fun white hats, glasses, and other silly accessories to add

This idea is so fun because it gives everyone a reason to get even more into the party spirit, when they are completely surrounded by a party environment everywhere they look!