While living in Australia, I have been lucky to attend many kinds of events and functions. The idea of a “Function” (such as a work event, Christmas party, event for your friends and family, etc) is huge in Australia, with most pubs and venues always advertising their “function rooms” available for rent — or for hire, as the Australians say — at any time, for anyone. As a result, Australians have developed some fun, hilarious, and amazing additions to these events. Here are some of my favorites, that may even fit your next event:

Passed Canapés

As mentioned in my “Australian Weddings” blog post, many Australians hold canapes or finger food close to their hearts. This is one of the most common features available when renting out a Function Room from a venue, and is normally expected at an event. Finger foods or appetizers are passed around on trays by the service staff, and guests can snack on delicious treats while they enjoy all the fun.

Daytime or Nighttime

In Canada, most of our events are generally expected to begin in the evening time. This is one of the biggest differences I have noticed in Australia — no time is too early! Many events will begin in the afternoon, especially if they take place at an outdoor venue; and what better way to take advantage of this country’s incredible weather?

Photo by Liam Pozz on Unsplash

Go Big or Go Home

I have noticed that Australians take their functions to heart, and really get into the fun and enjoyment of it all, which is incredible to be a part of. Fancier dress is common, even if you are at a beach bar on a Sunday afternoon — it’s a perfect time to wear a beautiful dress or button down and tie. Over the top decor is always important, whether a big balloon bar or a huge photo wall. Florals are often everywhere, and DJ booths and specialty drink bars are also common. The bigger, the better!

All The Games

I recently attended an outdoor event that included tons of games to keep guests having crazy fun; bean bag toss, croquet on the lawn, ping pong, and so much more. Many people love their sports and games, and the addition of these features will keep everyone laughing and smiling at the event.

A crazy one: Pig on a Spit!

One tradition near and dear to many Australians’ hearts: a pig roast. While to many of us it seems a bit crazy to see a full pig roasting on a spit as you party your heart out, many Aussies cherish this time to get together with friends and family and

work up an appetite towards a big group meal. They are known to love their pork belly and pork crackling on everything, so it’s definitely a crowd-pleaser!