If you are a couple planning to have a white wedding, you don’t need to stick to a conventional or storybook wedding idea. There are dozens of ways to hold a classy and elegant white wedding for a lavish celebration.

Here are a few steps to take for making your white wedding an instant hit.

Design Beautiful Bridal and Bridesmaids Dress

The white bridal gown looks classier than a silver wedding dress. Not only white bridal dresses are timeless, but they are also great for winter weddings. Mermaid wedding dresses are quite popular and are sure to make you feel like a true princess when you dance the night away with your special one. Choose a cut that highlights your assets and opt for embellishments such as sequins, lace, and beading.

Long-sleeved white bridesmaid dresses go great with a snow-covered event. However, you can go for shorter dresses if you are having a destination wedding at a romantic beach or countryside.

Tell Your Guests What to Wear

You must make sure all guests know about the theme or the dress code of your white wedding. Don’t assume everyone will automatically know what to wear by saying guests have to wear the bride’s color of the day. It is always nice to put a semi-formal reminder on the invitation card that states what color you want your guests to wear.

Here is an example:

‘The couple requests all guests to wear white attire to attend the ceremony and reception.’

Men can wear white khaki pants with a white shirt if they don’t want to wear a white suit, and women can wear crisp and pristine white outfits and dresses to dress for the occasion. You can add more instructions or words such as casual attire, semi-formal or formal attire, cocktail attire, or beach formal to make sure no guests look out of place. The couple can choose specific ideas for men, women, and children if they are celebrating a themed wedding.


Don’t fear running out of ideas when celebrating your white wedding. The possibilities are endless when you have so many beautiful chances to express the elegant white color throughout the wedding décor.

From having white chairs to white linen and simple glassware, you can also go for stunning white floral centerpieces to make your décor beautiful. You don’t have to go overboard your budget to add luxury items to your décor. You can impress your guests with a huge plain white cake adorned with flowers to celebrate in style. White china and a customized menu revolving around a single herb or flower will make your white wedding unforgettable for years to come.


White wedding flowers are incredibly versatile. All white flowers embody romance, innocence, and purity. Different colors come and go, but white always attracts the most attention.  But remember not all white flowers are crystalline whites. Some types of white flowers come in ivory, cream and blush shades.

The best part is a classic white wedding bouquet is both contemporary and traditional. You can achieve any bouquet style with a white bouquet, depending on the stems you choose. Opt for Calla lilies for a modern feel, and roses for celebrating your love for all things classic.

Final Thoughts

A white wedding evokes tradition as well as add a contemporary touch to a wedding event. Your wedding event planners can suggest more ideas to make your white wedding different and unique. The beautiful bride and groom clad in white along with a dreamy white décor make any wedding an unforgettable event. Just make sure you partner with the best wedding planners near you.