As Imagine Events’ social media girl living abroad, I’ve had the pleasure of attending two Australian weddings. While many wedding traditions remain the same worldwide, I noticed some fun differences and common themes that may inspire you while you plan your next event!

Outdoor Everything

With Australia’s beautiful climate and mild to hot weather any time of year, the opportunities for outdoor weddings are abound. One wedding I went to was in a small town; they held a small ceremony right by the waterfront in a beautiful park near their home.

The second was in the Hunter Valley, an area of Australia known for its vineyards and winemaking. They took full advantage of this location and beautiful Springtime weather and had an entirely outdoor wedding, from ceremony to reception. This venue was set up accordingly with a ceremony spot near a hill’s edge. Afterwards, guests moved up to a covered dinner area. Once dinner was complete, rather than transform the dinner area into a party area, guests were ushered over to a second outdoor party area with a bar and some cocktail tables — as a surprise, as we walked over, fireworks lit up the sky in celebration of the couple.

Photo by Joey Csunyo on Unsplash

Emphasis on Scenery

With incredible amounts of beautiful locations around the country, it’s no wonder that couples choose to get married in front of stunning backdrops of all kinds. Whether it’s a valley, waterfront, vineyard, beach, or ocean view, a prime feature of many Australian weddings is the magical scenery behind the couple as they exchange their vows.

Finger Food

Dinner traditions vary slightly in Australia; many will have finger food, appetizers, or canapés available for guests before dinner, and some forego a full formal dinner in exchange. Often, these delicious bites will be passed around the event on trays by service staff supplied by the caterer. Common finger foods in Australia include small baguettes with toppings such as salmon or avocado; halloumi or bocconcini appetizers; pork belly or crackling; satay chicken skewers; dishes with duck meat; arancini balls; and so much more. A lot of these foods are what is known as “Modern Australian” cuisine, and dearly loved by everyone at the event.

~Taryn, Imagine Events