If you are basking in the glow of a romantic proposal your boyfriend just pulled off, now is the perfect time to explore different and unique ideas for your 2020 wedding. While it’s ok for some of the ladies (and the men) to choose floral themes and fairytale dresses for a memorable wedding, this year is sure to bring lots of surprises for a couple planning to tie the knot shortly. Remember to share your ideas with your wedding event planners, so they make sure they incorporate all elements into your event.

Let’s take a look at the top and best ideas for your 2020.

Photo Courtesy of James Correia Photography

Sustainable weddings

It’s not unusual for today’s couples to look for ways that can reduce food wastage and shorten the long journey. If you are passionate about reducing the ethical and environmental impact of special events, including weddings, you can celebrate your big day uniquely.

The concept became even popular when Princess Eugenie spoke about her plans to have a plastic-free wedding. While most of us don’t have a royal budget for our big day, there are plenty of ways we can implement sustainability.

Some ideas include using recycled paper and stationery and hiring a caterer that uses organic, local, and ethical food. Some couples also ask their guests to donate to a charity instead of bringing wedding gifts.

No Flower Centerpieces

If you don’t like the traditional centerpiece, thing of other beautiful ways to celebrate such as branches, books, and even sculptures. These accessories will add more beauty to your tabletop décor. The use of garlands, candlesticks, balloons, and fruits is also popular.

Signature Headpieces

Sadly, it is not possible to style all veils and combs together. That’s where the headpiece enters the picture. A signature headpiece is simply a beautiful way to style your look. You can choose from a wide selection of traditional looking and contemporary headpieces.

Complete your wedding day look with this beautiful hair accessory that adds a royal touch to your wedding dress. Remember to choose the best headpiece according to your hair-do and dress. Your goal is to pair your veil and the headpiece seamlessly together.

Outdoor Weddings

We understand if you don’t want to organize an outdoor wedding in the chilly winter seasons. However, spring and summer are the perfect seasons for enjoying an outdoor event. Let Mother Nature do its charm as you work out on all details to make your outdoor wedding a hit.

You can choose a theme for your wedding, according to your venue. However, the best part about having an outdoor wedding is that you and your loved ones can indulge in stunning views and enjoy a tranquil backdrop, all perfect for a classy or casual wedding.

Using Bold Colors

We doubt people will adopt a two-color scheme for their wedding. Creating a colorful atmosphere with the use of vibrantly-colored décor and color smoke bombs is sure to become a norm next year.

There are other fun ways to introduce colors to your event. The bouquet and flower arrangement can have interesting colors to make the venue more exciting. It’s also common for brides and bridesmaids to choose unique dark colors for their gowns and dresses. The groom can also add more color to his outfit for styling a contemporary look in 2020.


Whether you are planning a destination wedding, a backyard wedding, or a traditional church wedding, you can go creative with the décor and venue to make your wedding different. Using futuristic themes and incorporating non-floral elements, you can celebrate your big day and the New Year in style.