If you always wanted to have a destination wedding, there is an endless list of gorgeous locations in the world to celebrate your big day. If you wish to hold your nuptials in a stunning country house and grounds or arrange a beach wedding, choosing the best wedding caterers will make your special day memorable.

The reason why so many couples are looking forward to a destination wedding is that they want to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Saying ‘I do’ in a serene and peaceful environment adds more beauty to your event.

If you have not made up your mind about a particular destination, here are a few of the best and most popular wedding destinations where you can have a warm celebration with your family and friends. You can book a resort or a guest house to accommodate your friends and family.

Photo by Arshad Pooloo on Unsplash

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is gifted with all the assets of other Caribbean islands, including friendly locals, stunning beaches, and plush resorts. If you are looking for a secluded spot on the beach or a mesmerizing villa for your guests, there are dozens of options for every type of couple. The phone service is excellent, and you enjoy the exotic blend of traditional and contemporary living.

Avoid planning a wedding during the hurricane season, which lasts from June to November.


One of the most romantic spots in the world, the Caribbean is an ideal spot for a memorable destination wedding. There is nothing that can go wrong with any of the islands, thanks to breathtaking backdrops, a cheerful, sunny atmosphere, and the glistening sand underneath your feet.

The weather in the Caribbean is the most consistent from January to March. During this time, the weather is not too hot and there always a nice breeze with very little rain.

The British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands comprise more than 60 islands. Each of these islands has its unique atmosphere and style. Two of the most popular spots include the popular island of Virgin Gorda and Tortola.

Enjoy a fairytale ceremony with a touch of elegance and luxury. There are several renowned hotels and wedding venues that off all amenities. 


Thanks to its location within the sea, Aruba offers beautiful and breathtaking views. That’s a great spot to choose for your destination wedding if you want to organize your big day at a peaceful venue.

The tranquility and beauty of a tropical climate add more charm to the destination’s beauty. Since Aruba is away from the hurricane belt of the Caribbean, it is the perfect wedding spot that guarantees safe year-around travel.

Cayman Islands

The Cayman Islands comprise three islands and offer some of the world’s most fascinating beaches. If you dreamt of having a beach wedding, the Cayman Islands would never disappoint with their mesmerizing marine and wildlife. The spot is also a celebrated diving hub and boasts quite a few impressive marine parks. 

Enjoy the scenic beauty and experience the magic of celebrating your special day in a natural environment featuring colorful birds as well as friendly monkeys. Just beware of the gentle stingrays. Pick any date from November to April as the weather is great during this time.

Planning a destination wedding is less expensive than planning an event at home. That’s because event management companies offer special packages that feature all amenities at affordable prices. That’s one of the reasons why destination weddings are quickly becoming popular.

Check out a wide variety of all-inclusive wedding packages and resorts that offer free events with a certain number of room bookings.