DJ Vendor Feature

Imagine Events is happy to feature a Swift Current DJ this time. Please enjoy these tips from Surround Sound Music Services!

What’s your name and business? Tell us a little about yourself!

Kelly Leibel – Owner/Operator, DJ of Surround Sound Music! I’m 43 years old started Djing at 19 years old and fell in love with it, and being a part of it all!

How did you get into the business? An old friend of mine years ago worked for at that time Garry Robertson Music in the early 90’s and he threw a house party, and had the equipment set up in his house. I looked at it and was amazed, from that point on I knew what my passion was!

Was this something you were always passionate about? Well I loved music as a kid growing up listening to the radio and wanting to be that guy or girl behind the board on the mic always wanted to be in radio.

What’s your favorite thing about weddings? Pretty much everything most of all watching people dance on the floor smiling and having a great time packing a dance floor full and playing all their requests!

What is your least favorite thing about a wedding? There are several things but most of all a very dissatisfied Bride or Groom. It’s heart breaking when something goes wrong and you do your best to fix it the best way you can, but sometimes your unsuccessful!

What is your second favorite type of event to provide services for and why? I love doing Karaoke! It’s fun and entertaining for everyone and you can sing to your hearts content, Why Karaoke? Well it’s different. It’s a talent we all have and some are good and some not so good, but it’s not based on how good you are it’s based on having fun singing your favorite song!

How far in advance should potential clients be contacting you to book for services? Clients can book any time they’d like 1-2-3-even 4 years in advance the longer the better, this way it gives them time to plan, save, and put together a dream wedding they’ve always wanted and it’s reassuring to them knowing that their DJ is secured!

As a professional, what is one thing you want brides and grooms to know about booking services with you? As a professional I want all my clients to know we take their need very seriously true 100% customer service. We don’t play around. When it comes to being a professional our DJs know what it takes to get the job done, we show up early for everything we do, set up and prepare for the evening at hand!

If you could give your clients 1 tip to make their event planning process easier, what would you want to tell them? Take your time, work together, discuss what you both want because marriage is 100% both ways. What music you want, what music you don’t want, however your first dance is the most important music choice to make because it’s what make the moment last forever!