Ali Lauren Photography Vendor Feature

Imagine Events is excited to feature another one of our favorite photographers. Ali and Imagine have worked together MANY times, so we are over the moon to showcase her work on our website!

What’s your name, your business, and tell us a little bit about yourself personally?

Ali Lauren Thompson / Ali Lauren Creative Services 

Items that always melt my heart : conversations about secret societies and cryptozoology, good chocolate, imperial stouts, the smell of old books, Boston (the city, not the band), fountain pens, and National Treasure movie marathons, to name a few…

I use photography and writing as my creative outlets. Both keep a smile on my face and my soul singing. Sometimes (note : always), when the light is warm and embracing you in its rays I’ll do a little happy dance, but that’s a good thing.  It means your photos are incredible, so you may want to join me in my excited squeals.

When I’m not documenting your special moments or meeting my writing deadlines with mere minutes to spare, you will likely find me, coffee and novel in hand, hanging out with my pups, cat, and husband. Well that, or studying… I received a BA with English Hons back in 2011 and with the ever-present support from my biggest cheerleader, my husband, I’ve returned to University once again. I’m currently working toward an MA in English and Anthropology with a plan to do fieldwork in the Amazon and hopefully one day, (please keep your fingers crossed for me on this one) an assignment with National Geographic.

How did you get into business? Was this something you were always passionate about?

My photography business started, almost by accident. I have always been interested in photography but had planned to pursue writing. I took a few photography classes shortly before beginning my undergrad and feel in love with it. I photographed a couple of weddings that first year after my classes and immediately knew it was something I had to pursue further. 

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

The challenge they present. Every single wedding is unique, every couple is different, the light changes, the weather varies, and all of these factors force me to think on my toes and constantly adjust to every new situation. Outside of all the amazing couples I’ve had the privilege of working with, the challenges each wedding day presents it what drives my passion for this industry.

What is your second favorite type of event to provide services for and why?

Honestly, anything photography-related where I’m able to be creative and work with our gorgeous Saskatchewan light makes my heart happy. That being said though, I’m a sucker for pet sessions!

How far in advance should potential clients be contacting you to book for services?

My calendar often fills up 1-2 years in advance for weddings.

As a professional, what is one thing you want brides and grooms to know about booking services with you?

For photography in particular, we’re one of the vendors who will spend the entire wedding day with our couples. As such it is so important that you find a photographer who you’re comfortable with and whose personality you enjoy! For me, this is an incredibly important aspect that must be in place for me to be able to provide my clients with the best service possible and get them the images they’ve envisioned. We have some incredibly talented photographer in this province so if I don’t feel I’ll be able to provide a client with the style of images they’re looking for, I’ll always refer them over to one of my colleagues. A client’s happiness is always more important than just booking a wedding for the sake of a booking. 

If you could give your clients 1 tip to make their event planning process easier, what would you want to tell them?

Focus on what’s most important to you and don’t spend your energy on the items that, at the end of the day, don’t matter to you.

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