Marriage Commissioner Vendor Feature

Imagine Events is taking the next couple of months to feature some of our favorite vendors! And today Imagine is excited to shine the spotlight on Judy Plumpton, Saskatchewan Marriage Commissioner! We asked Judy of Tye the Knot some important questions about events and wedding planning coming from an officiant’s point of view!

Your name, your business, and a little bit about yourself personally?

My name is Judy Plumpton. My business is called: Tye The Knot Marriage Commissioner Services. I am a fun loving, young grandmother of 5 who are the biggest loves of my life I love to travel, love to spend time with family and friends, listen to music. I am a HR Specialist during my Monday to Friday job. I volunteer with various organizations and charities. I am a huge animal advocate and hope to one day have my own Sanctuary.

Judy Plumpton

How did you get into business? Was this something you were always passionate about?

I have been trying to become a Marriage Commissioner for 10 years! It wasn’t until 2018 that the Ministry of Justice started accepting applications. I am so beyond excited that I never gave up! after attending many weddings, I thought, I could do that! I thought it would be such a fun thing to do and given how we all work so hard at things we don’t like because we have to, this was something I “wanted” to do. and I am so glad I made that decision! I can truly say this is my PASSION!

What is your favorite thing about weddings?

I love to help the couples decide on how they want their ceremonies to be and to encourage them to add a little bit of their own touches to them, regardless of how big or small the wedding is! Having fun is a huge part of it.. shouldn’t be stressful

What is your least favorite thing about weddings?

I really don’t have one.

What is your second favorite type of event to provide services for and why?

I love to organize fundraisers, social events and assist with charity events. Giving back and helping those less fortunate is a big part of my life.

How far in advance should potential clients be contacting you to book for services?

A week would be great, but I have done ceremonies with 24 hours’ notice. As long as the couple has their marriage licence I can make myself available!

As a professional, what is one thing you want brides and grooms to know about booking services with you?

I want the couples to know that this is THEIR ceremony and I’m here to make it the easiest part of their whole process. I will communicate non-stop with them and ensure they get what they want.

If you could give your clients 1 tip to make their event planning process easier, what would you want to tell them?

Start early, meet the people you’re going to be working with and don’t be afraid to ask questions or change things if you have to. This is their day and it should be perfect!

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