Wedding Vendors – Why do they charge so much?

Your probably wondering to yourself, why are weddings so expensive? Why do vendors charge more for their services for a wedding? Or do they actually charge more? Well, let me give you the inside scoop!
Do vendors just charge you more just because it’s a wedding?
The answer is yes and no. For example, if you were to order a cake from a baker and they quoted you $250, but then you asked for the exact same thing and said it was for a wedding and the quote was $500.00, that seems a little shifty to me. After all it’s the same cake, the same product cost, and it would presumably take the same amount of time to make. But not all services/products are the same, so you have to look at them individually! For example, if a photographer charges $175 an hour for portrait sessions, but maybe his wedding packages start at $2,500 for the wedding day, it looks about a thousand dollars overpriced. But it really is more complicated! Let’s take a look at the time he spends planning, shooting, editing, retouching and the number of extra prints ordered! The wedding pictures aren’t actually marked up at all. This can’t be compared to the prices of a portrait session at all in regards to the amount of time the photographer spends after the wedding editing all the photos.
Let’s also consider the event on its own. There is no “take-two” on a wedding, there’s second chance for the photographer to get the photo of the first kiss again. The DJ can’t create the special feeling of your first dance the “second” time. So the reason the fee is higher for a wedding is cause you want it to be perfect, cause there is no do-over. You are paying someone for their years of expertise, because they have the knowledge and abilities to make it “perfect” and special just for you.
Why do vendors ask for your budget?
It’s very simple! We don’t want to waste your time. If you bring a photo to a florist of an amazing bouquet you want, that florist will go ahead and price you out that bouquet with extravagant flowers, complete with bridesmaid bouquets, centrepieces and boutonnieres for the men. Maybe the florist quotes you $5000.00 for the whole order, and you walk away discouraged because its way to expensive for your budget. But if the florist asks you what your entire wedding budget is, then they will know what’s in your budget for your floral design. If you tell a florist your entire wedding budget is $80,000, chances are you have a little more flexibility with the floral quote. But if you tell the florist your overall budget is $10,000 for your wedding, they will immediately know that you are probably not looking for $5000 worth of flowers. Then the florist can offer recommendations to replicate the photo you brought in with more budget friendly options.This is helpful for all vendors! Your photographer, decorator, and wedding planner can all recommend services and packages that fit your needs and budget. All vendors want you to get the best bang for your buck! All wedding vendors know how expensive weddings are, so help us help you!
When it comes down to it, do your research! If all the wedding planners in your given area are charging close to the same amount, but one gives you an extremely low quote, there’s probably a reason for it. If all the DJ’s in your area packages are around $1500.00 for the service you want, and there’s another DJ out there charging $500.00 for the same thing, you might want to keep shopping. Maybe they have old equipment (prone to failure), they might be inexperienced, maybe they aren’t insured or don’t have a business license. Alternatively they might be a hobbyist, and not a professional. I will say there are a few diamonds in the rough that provide exceptional service, but generally you get what you pay for. It’s your wedding day, your only going to do it once, so be sure your hiring the right vendors to execute it for you.

~ Imagine.