What to ask your potential event planner?

Are you considering hiring an event planner or coordinator? Before you sit down at a meeting with a potential vendor, ensure you are prepared. Here a list of potential questions you might want to ask someone your considering hiring!

What made you interested in becoming an event planner? Get to know your potential planner and learn about their “why”! This can give you great insight into them as a person. Your going to spending a lot of time with them, so make sure you like them!

Are you a certified planner? Insured with a business license? There are many people who dabble in event planning. Make sure your planner has a proper business setup. If something were to go wrong at your event and it was your planners fault, you want to make sure your event planner is covered by their own insurance so you don’t get tagged with the bill or fine.

How many weddings or events have you planned? Make sure you hire someone who has experience! If you have an expensive or complicated event, you want to be sure you are in the right hands. Again, there are many planners out there that just “dabble” in event planning. However keep in mind, all planners are new at some point. So, if your hiring a new planner without much experience their price should probably reflect that. So be sure they have been properly trained in event planning as well.

How many events do you do a year? How many will you be doing the same day as ours? Ensure your event planner is dedicated to you. Most planners only do one event per day. But some businesses may do many events in a weekend, such as Imagine Events. However we also have many staff members who are each dedicated to their own event. So, although the company does more than one wedding per weekend, your designated planner will only be doing yours! Make sure your planner has enough time for you!

Is event planning your full time job? Many planners run their business from home in addition to their full time job. This again is completely OK. Just ensure your planner is committed to you, and your event is a priority.

What’s your backup plan if you can’t attend our event? Let’s be honest! Shit happens. Maybe your event planner gets violently ill or has a death in the family and just cannot be at your event last minute. Make sure they have a backup plan, or some way to ensure your event will go off without a hitch despite their absence.

Can I have a list of references? Most planners should be able to provide you with references if asked. Some planners will just tell you to read the quotes on their website, however they control the content on the website. So be sure to look them up with Facebook or another review site where they don’t control what people are saying. Lastly if your concerned, ask if you can speak over the phone to a couple of their recent clients. If your planner has no online reviews and can’t provide any personal references it could be a red flag.