Event Planners Behind the Scenes…

You’re probably thinking that being an event planner is an amazing job, where you get to attend lots of parties and schmooze with famous people. Yes being an event planner is an amazing job! And while some of that other stuff is true, its usually pretty unlikely. We attend the parties but we are working them behind the scenes, and if we do meet someone famous we are generally assisting them before they have to give a speech etc. Rarely ever do we get to enjoy a sit-down meal with a local “celebrity”. So I thought I’d give you some fun examples or what can “actually” happen.

A photo of me looking unimpressed while I become the MC for a fundraising event…..


Working a wedding where it had freshly rained, but it was under a tent outside. So the grass was a little moist……


Now I can’t speak for all planners, but I can say personally behind the scenes I am sometimes a hot mess! I can plan and organize an amazing event, but at the same time my personal life can be a disaster!

For example sometimes my office does exactly look as organized as it should…..


Or check out this photo where I apparently thought my socks were the same color…..

I’ve also heard of other event planners showing up with their shirts on inside out, mismatched earrings and the list goes on. I guess we are so focused on the task at hand, that sometimes we lose track of the basics.