A Day in the Life of an Event Planner

If you’ve ever wondered what an event planner does during a day of work, well here I am to lay it out for you! A lot of people think that an event planner spends a lot of time doing food tasting and attending décor meetings to make things look “pretty.” And while we do some of that, most of our work is a little paperwork heavy, and a scheduling nightmare. Below is a sample of a random day as an event planner. Now, I will mention that NO two days are alike, but this gives you an idea of some of things you might come across in the day if you were an event planner. It’s a jam-packed day filled with many different things.

6:30am Rise and Shine

Workout, Shower, Eat Breakfast, Feed dogs, Make bed.

8:00am Computer Time

Answer Emails

Prepare quotes for clients for event planning services

Send invoices for outstanding payments due.


9:00am Phone Meeting with Client

Meeting with client to discuss upcoming event

Review timeline with client etc.

9:30am Timeline Update

Update timeline from meeting

Confirm vendors services for event

Email timeline to vendors.

10:30am Wedding Dress Meltdown

Console bride via phone that she will find the perfect wedding dress.

11:00am Get dressed

Get dressed to leave home office.

Eat lunch

12:00pm Venue Meeting

Meet with another client at venue, scout out layout of event at venue

Create floorplan with client

Review AV needs

1:00pm Staffing

Update staff schedule due to staff illness

Do weekly payroll with source deductions and taxes

2:30pm Vendor Meeting

Meet with the new vendor for coffee who wants me to recommend them to my clients.


3:30pm Troubleshoot

Find new DJ last minute for event due to previous DJ last minute cancellation

4:00pm Pay Bills

Pay bills for services for business,

Pay bills for rentals for clients etc.

4:30pm Staff Interview

Interview potential new staff member.

5:30pm Drive Through Dinner

Get a drive through dinner on my way to next meeting.

6:00pm Client Meeting

Meeting with wedding client to discuss décor options at clients house with their 3 kids running around, while client makes dinner.

7:30pm Client Meeting

Meet with another client at coffee shop for consultation. Client might be interested in hiring wedding planner.

9:00pm Home

Arrive at home, drink wine.

Answer more emails.


10:00pm Bed

Set alarm for next day.




And then I repreat! 😊