So you want to be an Event Planner….

A lot of people who like to plan family events and parties think they should be an event planner. Or maybe you planned your own wedding, it was great, and now you want to plan everyone else’s wedding! While these are all great things, there is a lot that goes on in the business that you should be aware of before you get into the business!

First things first! If you like to spend weekends and evenings with your family, You will hate this job. You will always work evenings and weekends! ALWAYS! Most people work a nine to five job, so you have to meet with them in the evenings, and almost all weddings take place on Saturdays. And if you think you will have Sundays with your family after you work a wedding on a Saturday- think again. On Sunday you will suffer from what we call “wedding hangover”. It’s like you had a bender the night before, but in all reality your tired, sore, and dehydrated.

Events are mentally and physically demanding. Here in Saskatchewan, if your decorating you will be hunched over for 6 hours tying 500 chair covers on the average weekend. On the plus side, after one summer of weddings you will have thighs of steel.

You will regularly work with extremely difficult people. Some clients start out to be really nice and super friendly, but the closer you get to their event, they become increasingly difficult people. This usually happens due to the client being highly emotional which creates unnecessary stress. Due to this, you have to have extreme patience and a thick skin. You need to be able to be blamed for everything that goes wrong and not take it personally. You also need to be a people person. If your shy, or lack confidence, you will probably find the job very difficult, as you interact with people 100% of the time.

Lastly, event planning is more than just the events themselves. A lot of people go into business for themselves, but they don’t realize all the moving parts of owning a business. You will need to have knowledge in marketing, sales, finance, bookkeeping and more to run a successful event planning business.

My best advice for any young budding event planner is to work under someone else before treading out on thier own! This way you can see if the industry is really what you want to get into.