Conference Tips and Tricks

One question we get from our corporate clients all the time Is how do I make my conference more enjoyable for my attendee’s? You’ll find that many business associates are attending conferences, luncheons, and learning seminars on a regular basis. So in order to make your learning event not blend in with the rest you need to step in up a notch. Here are a few tips in order to make your next conference or luncheon a little more enjoyable and memorable for guests.


First things first – LOCATION. People generally enjoy attending events that are convenient to them. If your guests travelling from out of town, choosing a venue that had hotels and dining options within walking distance are a huge feature. Venue’s that are clean, modern, and provide free wi-fi are also super appreciated by your participants. There is nothing more frustrating then not being able to able to have internet access at a business conference.

Next, let’s talk about CONTENT! Not everyone is an extrovert. When you talk to your attendee’s, most of them will tell you they hate interactive games and role playing when they attend these events, and most of them hide in the back and loathe it. So how do you keep things interactive without scaring people? We always recommend to go the route of group conversation! Don’t make them get up and leave their seat, but instead let them chat and discuss it with those seated near them as a start, and then eventually get them warmed up to more participation.

Lastly, focus on the ELEMENTS of your event. People get bored, and fast! Don’t have speakers/sessions that last long periods of time, as people’s attention spans are not as long as you think they are. When planning your content keep surprising elements throughout the event to keep your attendees interested and wondering what’s going to happening next!


~Imagine Events