Bridal Show Basics

This October Imagine Events was super excited to participate in The Most Incredible Bridal Show in Regina, SK. Both myself and assistant wedding planner Rhondda, met over 300 couples and their parties, answered as many questions as we could to help these lovely couples plan their weddings. But we cant help but notice a few things while working the show. So if your planning on attending a bridal show, here’s some helpful hints.


  1. Shoes, shoes, shoes! Please wear comfortable shoes! I can’t tell you how many ladies I see walking around in heels with blisters! There is a lot of standing and stopping, and bare feet are frankly gross. No need to dress to impress, please be comfortable.
  2.  The draws – Instead of having to fill your name out hundreds of times to enter the draws, come with pre-made sticky labels with your contact info on them. It’s sooooo much faster. Secondly, only enter draws your interested in! I see tons of bridesmaids entering draws for everything on behalf of the bride. Then if the bride does win the prize, she might not even want it or need – which is frustrating for both the bride and the vendor.
  3. Slow down! Lot’s of groups just rush through everything to enter prizes. But spend some time to actually ask vendors questions! You don’t have to book with everyone you talk to- we are honestly there to help you, and have a wealth of knowledge we’d love to give you.


Looking forward to meeting you at the next bridal show!