Tom’s Prom and Taxidermy Outlet

Recently I was talking with another wedding professional and we were chatting about how many vendors offer a wide variety of services. Sometimes, this is very helpful to the couple, and sometimes it’s a red flag.

A lot of wedding vendors will offer similar services. Four example a DJ might also offer lighting services. Generally when a vendor offers multiple services, they should relate to their main service being offered. It’s not uncommon for a vendor to branch out and offer similar services to assist their clients in their special day, so they don’t have to hire multiple vendors. 

Some services that usually get paired are DJs and lighting services, photographers and photo booths, wedding planners and decorators, catering and cake bakers. These are all great advantages for a couple planning their wedding. What couples don’t realize, is that most vendors who usually tend to offer excessive services in multiple areas generally don’t specialize in anything. And this should be a huge red flag for couples. You want a vendor who is an expert in what you are hiring them for! You don’t want to hire a vendor who’s just “OK” at multiple things. After all you are spending a good amount of money on specialists for your wedding, so you should get the best service desired.

And don’t get me wrong, there are wedding vendors who offer multiple services that are great at everything. But they are few and far between. So the next time you hire someone who can DJ, be your wedding officiant, and claims to be a seamstress and hem your wedding dress, you should probably do your research on that vendor. Or if you come across someplace like Tom’s Prom and taxidermy outlet, you may want to reconsider your choice of dress shop! Chances are someone who specializes in prom dresses and taxidermy in the same store might not exactly be in the wedding professional you’re looking for.