Plan “B” for your Outdoor Wedding


Here in Saskatchewan, outdoor weddings are extremely common! We can have some absolutely beautiful weather with sky the and landscape being gorgeous. With that said though, we have to keep in mind this is Saskatchewan and we can experience any of the four seasons in a single day. We suggest that if your “Dream Wedding” is outdoors, have a Plan “B” just in case.


Now there are a few options you can choose from when planning your plan “B”, depending on your budget, location, number of guests, and theme…

  1. Rent A Hall

The most common option would be to have a hall or other larger space booked that if in the case of Rain, Snow or extreme heat, you can convert to an indoor wedding. It’s a great idea to keep in mind size and number of available rooms to get ready in (if there’s a torrential down pour, you may want to get ready on location). I know this isn’t always the ideal way, but better to have a dry indoor wedding then soaked guests and ruined tables for the “perfect” outdoor wedding.

 2. Rent a Tent

You could also choose to go with large tents. Again this can help with either rain or heat, but may not be the best option if the winds are intense or the rain is too heavy. Also, tents can be somewhat costly if you are on a tighter budget, and unless you have a raised floor, you and guests just might end up with soggy feet. You can rent or purchase tents with side panels, but inquire what your best option may be with your wedding planner.

3. Embrace the Rain

Another option depending on your look, theme and personality, could be incorporating rubber boots and umbrellas or sunglasses into your day. Adding these items to your invite and informing or supplying your wedding party with them, can save a lot of hair do’s and keep your attendants in the loop. Rain and full sun can be fun and may make those photos amazing, but keep in mind the comfort of all people involved. You definitely don’t want miserable guests.

So, no matter which choice you choose to have, ensure all guests, attendees, support personnel and your wedding planner know what your Plan “B” is and have a second schedule on hand that is easy to access if the weather decides to change on your special day.