Why DIY Wedding Aren’t Always the Way to Go!

Imagine Events simply loves DIY weddings! But sometimes it’s best to leave it to a professional! We asked Darcel, one of our recent brides, her thoughts about DIY Weddings….

So as wedding season approaches and the air is buzzing with ideas, hopes, dreams and plans for this year’s weddings, I sit back and reminisce about my wedding that took place just last year, July 23, 2016 to be exact!  I was a “thrifty” Bride that wanted to keep costs low, but still have a beautiful wedding and how did I do that? I fell in love with the idea of DIYing EVERYTHING!!! Now I will admit, I absolutely loved how my wedding turned out and I was able to stay within my very small budget, but, I learnt a couple things…

– I learnt that planning your wedding is very time consuming and can become overwhelming very quickly. There are so many small things that need to be taken care of that you may overlook because, lets be real, how many weddings have you planned? If you’re not an expert, it’s so easy to forget something!

– DIY projects can become very costly, very quickly! And if you don’t do it correct the first time, the time you set aside for that project can get eaten up easily.

– At the beginning, when excitement is in the air and the idea of your wedding is new to everyone, many people will volunteer their time to help you, but… peoples schedules can get in the way, leaving you to do all the work alone.

Now I’m not trying to bash DIY projects and weddings, but having done one myself, may I suggest a few things?

– Choose what you really want to DIY, especially if you’re artsy, but then for the rest, budget for some professional help.

– Make sure that you know exactly how & what you want to schedule, make, create before buying products, supplies and make sure that you research “how-to” videos or ask someone that has done it before, for tips and tricks about the project at hand.

– Hire a wedding planner to take care of you and all the wedding details. Hire someone to set up & take down your décor, you really don’t want to be up till 3am the day of your wedding day setting up and then have to take down & clean up well after all your guests leave. Been there, done that, not fun! Or buy your decor depending what you’re are looking to do, sometimes buying is the cheaper way to go and honestly a lot less time consuming!

– Don’t count on family, friends and the bridal party to do all your dirty work. Many may not be available, so hire a team that will man your kitchen, food, serving, bussing and your bar. Your guests really just want to have fun, and the last thing you want is conflict, confusion or crying because someone didn’t do what you wanted them to.

With that, have fun, enjoy the process and make the best memories of your day keeping your budget, time line and sanity in mind!