What to Ask a Wedding Planner?

Are you thinking about hiring a wedding planner or day-of coordinator? With so many people out there claiming to be wedding professionals, how can you tell which ones are actually the professionals? Wondering what you should ask when interviewing potentials wedding planners, when considering to hire? Continue reading to figure out how to weed out the bad ones!

  1. Are you certified or do you have any special training? Certified planners have special education regarding the event industry that enable us to better serve you. Certified wedding planners must uphold special ethics or they can be stripped of their certification.
  2. Are you licensed and insured?  Unfortunately many people call themselves event planners, but don’t have a proper business set up. They might look and act professional, but only do it as a hobby. They should have a local business license, proper insurance coverage, and pay taxes! If your wedding planner isn’t properly insured and accidentally damages the venue site, you’ll be covering the damages personally! Never feel bad about asking to proper documentation.
  3. How much communication will we have? Always find out how often your wedding planner will be in touch with you! Different packages consist of in-person meetings/ phone calls/emails. You should know what to expect from your planner. At Imagine events, we strive to answer all emails and phone calls within 24 business hours. However if we are going to be away for an extended period of time for vacation or business we always let our clients know in advance! Depending on your event needs and how close your event is at the time of booking, will determine the amount of in-person meetings needed. However, calls and emails are unlimited.
  4. Do you have packages? Professional wedding planners will have packages and prices for the packages laid out for you. It will tell you what all you can expect from your wedding planner, and what services they will be providing you with for a concrete price. If you don’t like the packages, most planners will create you a custom package. However even if you are getting a custom package, your wedding planner should still be able to give the full details. Be wary of planners whose packages are vague and don’t contain a lot of detail. You don’t want to assume their package includes something that it doesn’t, so ask a lot of questions. And if you do hire that planner, be sure it’s written in the contract! Always  know exactly what you are paying for!
  5. How much do you charge? Check out the pricing of your local wedding planners, and you will probably see most of the prices are comparable for the services they are offering. If you come across a planner, whose prices are marginally cheaper, it’s probably too good to be true. Run the other way! They are either really new and inexperienced, or they are a hobbyist and don’t do it professionally. Sometimes you can find a gem amongst the rocks, that is new to the industry for a cheaper price. If that is the case, ask for references, and be sure to do your homework. If they claim to be in business a long time and very experienced, they should be charging accordingly. You honestly get what you pay for!
  6. Will you be at my actual event? Whoever you start working with after you make the booking, should be the planner attending your event. Otherwise you would be dealing with a stranger on your special day. At Imagine, your planning consultant will always attend your event with an assistant.
  7. Do I have to use your vendors? Most planners have a great group of recommended professionals they work with! So if you need help locating a vendor that fits your style and budget, ask your planner! They have the resources. However if you have your own vendors you want to use for your wedding, your planner should be flexible enough to work with anyone! Even if it’s someone they have never worked with before. Please note your planner might not be able to review or guarantee that vendor’s professionalism, but most will happily work with anyone you decide on. It’s your event after all, and the decision to hire should always be yours!
  8. Do you travel? Are there any extra costs? Lot’s of wedding planners will cover rural area’s as well, especially in Saskatchewan. Be sure your up front with your planner if your wedding is out of town. There could be extra costs associated with that. Imagine services all of southern Saskatchewan and we are happy to travel! If you are located more than a 30 minute drive from our central offices we charge a mileage fee. In some cases we also charge a lodging fee when required. We always discuss these fee’s up front so there will be no surprises!
  9. Can I see your previous work? Planner’s should have portfolio’s of actual events they have done. If they don’t’ have a portfolio, or their portfolio consists of staged photo-shoots, they probably don’t have much experience. Just like you would for a photographer, make sure you like their style of work!
  10. Lastly, PERSONALITY! Your going to spending a lot of time with your planner. Make sure you like their personality. If you find that your planner is very different from your personality, or they make you feel awkward, chances are the planning experience will feel the same way!