Get your Groom Geared up About Wedding Planning


Traditionally it’s been the Bride that has taken control, dreamt of, planned & organised the entire Wedding from start to end, but now a day’s it’s becoming more common for the Groom to get his “hands dirty” and par-take in the process. If he is still a little hesitant about what he should be doing or how he can help, here are a few ways to ignite his interest and get him on board.

1) Speak His Language –

To someone that hasn’t been dreaming about this day since he was 6 years old, the idea of everything that must be done, probably seems a little intimidating. Help him out by talking with him from the very start and finding out what areas and aspects of the wedding spark his interests and go from there.

2) What are His Interests? –

As Brides, we have to keep in mind that although this is our special day, it is also the Grooms special day and the wedding should show case that. Your guy will be a little more amped to get involved and help out if there are parts of the Wedding that aren’t all flowers and sparkles. Center pieces, boutonnieres, games, décor, music and food are all great ways to incorporate what your hunny loves and helps to involve him in the planning process.

3) Lean on His Strengths –

Is your man a hands on kind of guy, Tech Savvy, Organized or a Socializer? Use those strengths to help him become a little more involved. Ask him which tasks he would prefer to tackle based on what he is naturally good at. It can be something he builds for the wedding, a music or tech aspect to the dance, organizing and planning the wedding or honeymoon from where you’re going, staying and doing or a game that will bring people together at the reception. Give him the controls and let him have some fun!

4) Make Decisions Together –

Every aspect of the wedding is for both of you to enjoy. From the colour scheme, décor, food choices and cake testing to the items you put on your Gift Registry, include him. He may not seem super excited, but he will appreciate the ability to voice his opinions.

5) Make it a Race –

So you’ve tried everything and he still isn’t fully submerged in Wedding Planning Bliss, race him! Whether it’s deciding your Wedding Do’s & Don’ts, making a guest list or stuffing envelopes, challenge him to a friendly competition on “Who can do more of the task in 15 mins”… It will be a fun way to get him revved up and it gives you a chance to enjoy the process together. To make it even more enjoyable, winner picks that nights ice cream flavor or picks the movie you watch once you’re done!

Have fun, enjoy the process together and make your wedding all about the two of you from the very beginning to the very end!