Six Ways to Make your Wedding Uniquely YOU!


Make it Personal –

This is your special day, make it yours! Focus on your relationship, first date, special code words or phrases, individual interests and your love for one another. Many weddings fall into a “cookie cutter” style, but by adding a few special touches, you will have your guests in awe and talking about your wedding for years to come!

Shades of Colour – 

Let’s be honest, the gold, soft pink and silver weddings are always so elegant looking and pretty, but spice your wedding up a bit with some splash of colour!  This can be accomplished by being bold and adding bright reds, yellows, pinks to your theme or simply by adding fresh greenery to flowers, center pieces and bouquets. May the colours be ever in your favor!

Details, Details, Details –

Details are what makes your wedding unique and one of a kind. From the stationary to the play list and everything in between will help make your day memorable. Adding a quote or song lyric to your invites, having your center pieces created around your interests/hobbies, tweaking a traditional play list to suit your style of music are easy to do, and add the special touch.

“DJ play my song” –

Creating your playlist from the first song down the aisle to the last song of the evening, make a list that means something to you and your significant other. Choose songs that are meaningful, special and fun. A nice variety of music and genres will help make your wedding unique and entertaining. I would suggest that you run through the important songs with your DJ though, so you don’t end up having your Father/Daughter dance being a song you don’t recognize…. awkward!!

Selecting your Troop –

Ahh, picking the Bridal Party can be a challenge in itself. Who do you ask? Will feelings be hurt? Am I required to ask someone I really don’t want to? Again, this is your day, have who you want standing for you. This can be siblings, best friends, even your Grandma!! Pick the people that are

closest to you or have had a major impact in your life. Also keep in mind that Gender-Blind Wedding parties are becoming ever so popular and there isn’t a need to keep ladies on one side and gentlemen on the other anymore. Go ahead and mix it up a bit, if that’s what you want! There are many great Bridal Party names you can choose from, if you want to escape the traditional “Matron of Honour” and “Best Man” titles!

Tweak the Traditions –

If the traditional wedding is what you are after, that is fantastic. If not, try tweaking some of the more traditional aspects of a wedding to fit your personality a little better. Bouquet/Garter Toss, Speeches, Cake Cutting are all very nice, but you can sub those out for, Games, an Open Mic or limited speeches, Doughnut tree or Pie Stand, Wheel of Kisses and Q&A’s about the newlywed couple. Do some research, be creative and have fun. This day will happen so fast, so enjoy it while you can!