Favours, Favours, and more Favours!

What is the perfect wedding favor? What would your guests want to take home with them to remember your special day? For each wedding it’s different!
There are a variety of options to choose from from extravagant to more modest budget items! And depending on your theme, you might choose to do something very unique!
If you plan on having a very formal or whimsical wedding, a great choice are personalized champagne flutes! Other great personalized options include shot glasses, key chains, or other monogrammed items. 

For those on a more modest budget, going the edible favours route is a great way to save a buck! The sky is the limit when it comes to edible favours, and could include anything from candy to chocolate, popcorn and more! To personalize your candy favours, most craft stores will sell tags that you can attach to your favours. Leave your guests a simple thank you note, or customize with your names and wedding date. 

Other great edible options that can be ordered are custom honey jars, jams, sauces, and other spreads! If you do decide to go the edible route, be sure to not order them too early! You don’t want your guests eating stale treats.