Being a bridesmaid….

Let’s be honest! There is tons  of info on how not-to be a bride-zilla, but there is a lack of info about being a bridesmaid. If you are a bridesmaid I’m sure you have a ton of questions. But you need a co-operative bride, and a bride who can lay it all out for you, so you don’t have questions. Of course that’s what all bridesmaids hope for!

Fun Facts
In early Roman times, bridesmaids accompanied the bride throughout the day. They served as a shield and were to protect the bride from anyone who tried to hurt her. The more Western bridesmaid came from a later Roman law which needed ten witnesses to attend marriage ceremonies. It was believed if the bridesmaids/groomsmen dressed in identical clothing to the bride and groom that harmful evil spirits wouldn’t know who was getting married.

What does a bridesmaid do?
Provide Support
Planning a wedding is a stressful time. A bridesmaid needs to providing emotional support during the planning of the wedding, and also the day of.

Bridal Shower
At some time its usually the bridesmaids responsibility to plan a bridal shower for the bride. Although the style of the “bridal shower” has changed over time, the idea still remains the same! “Gifts”

Bachlorette Party
At one time the bachlorette party was puzzles and games. Now we have strippers and bar-hopping! Some ladies prefer a evening of martini’s with close friends. Either way the bachlorette party is a way for the bride to give one last hoorah for single life.

Assorted Jobs
These are an arrangement of responsibilities that can involve anything from wedding dress shopping to hand making 200 wedding guest favors. Be prepared for anything and everything!

The Bridesmaid Dress
Bridesmaids foot the bill for their own dresses, shoes and other wedding apparel! Sometimes a bride will offer to pay for a part of the ensemble as a gift for standing up with them on their wedding day! The dress can be a touchy subject for some attendants so its always nice to try to choose the outfit as a group, with the bride’s approval of course. After all everyone wants to be comfortable on such a big day!

Financial Responsibility
Financial responsibility of being a bridesmaid does not end with attire. You can also be expected to pay for hair styling, makeup, pedicures and manicures. Also be aware that you might have to pay for transportation or accommodation at your own expense if you are coming from out of town, or planning on staying in a hotel the night of the wedding.

Bridesmaids should serve as party-starters at the reception! They get everyone on their feet and having fun when the DJ starts playing music.

~Imagine Events.