International Wedding Traditions

French Weddings
A great tradition for a French wedding, is instead of serving a wedding cake, the couple will choose another desert. A popular choice is croquem bouche. The dessert is a creme-filled pastry puff, covered in caramel sauce.
French traditions can continue very late at night. Sometimes those invited to the wedding will go to the couples window and bang pots and pans together. This tradition is practiced throughout France as a way to celebrate weddings and other special occasions.

Italian Weddings
In an Italian Wedding, the color green is very important! Green is supposed to bring good luck to the married couple. Usually all Italian brides will wear a veil. The veil tradition was thought to hide the bride from spirits, and the brides attendants were supposed to wear similar dresses to confuse all the spirits.

Muslim Weddings
Christian weddings are very much like Western weddings, however Muslim weddings in Arab countries of course contain Muslim traditions. A wedding is not considered valid unless each of the couple are ready. Unlike Western weddings, the groom is to go visit her before the wedding. In Muslin tradition, both sexes are divided. They each have separate seating area’s for both men and women.

Scottish Weddings
There are many traditions that surround Scottish weddings. Most notable is the bagpipes, which usually accompany the bridal party as they arrive, and as they leave the ceremony. At many of the Scottish weddings, there will be traditional Scottish dancing consisting of couples and groups dancing to live music. It is also very popular for the men in the bridal party to wear kilts, however it is not a requirement.

Filipino Weddings
It is considered bad luck for close family members, such as siblings, to have their wedding in the same year. Money (paper bills) is sometimes attached to the brides dress, as the couple has their first dance together.

Chinese Weddings
Depending where the bride is from, a Chinese wedding will have different traditions. Most commonly are a Tea Ceremony and a wedding emcee. More modernly, the couple will have “glamour shots” taken by a professional photographer.

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