What Do I do with my Wedding Dress?

A lot of brides ask me what they should do with thier wedding dress once the wedding is over? Some people will have the dress preserved as a keepsake. However many people do not care to keep to thier dress! So if your one of the people who has no desire to hang onto your dress, then this post is for you! Here are some great idea’s to re-purpose that wedding dress!

1. Trash the dress photography!

This is one of my favorites! Many photographers have a “Trash the Dress” package that can be added on to your wedding package. Fun trash the dress photography could be going swimming in the lake, mudfights, or even paintballing.
Trash the Dress
Photo courtesy of Wayne Iverson Photography
Regina, SK.

2. Use the fabric to make something else.

If you are crafty, or know a seamstress, you could eaily have that dress turned into something else. Some fabric could be used to cover your wedding albums, line the inside of your first baby’s bassinet, or you could use the fabric to make a christening gown for your child.

3. Donate it or Sell it

This is not really an original idea, however there are always people who are less fortunate than you, that would be delighted to wear a gently used gown for thier wedding.

4. Quilt it!

A nice family hierloom could be made that you could hand on down to your daughter. Use your wedding dress, and perhaps parts of your mother’s dress to create a family quilt. You could also leave it unfinished to add in pieces of your daughter’s wedding dress.
Wedding Quilt
Photo courtesy of http://www.thepatchworkbear.com

~Imagine Events.