Wedding Attire 101 – For the Men!

Men never have the same options and choices that women do regarding their wedding attire. However they do have some options based on the formality. Depending on if their wedding is in summer or winter, or the time of the wedding, such as early morning or evening, there are a few options to consider! You always should choose a outfit that will compliment your bride and suit the style of your wedding.

The two options a man has for his attire is the tuxedo and a suit. The more formal option of the two, is of course the tuxedo.
Tuxedo – usually in black or sometimes white, this outfit is single breasted, and can have one button or more commonly three. The pants that come with the tuxedo are usually pleated or flat front, and sometimes have a satin trim. Tuxedo have lots of accessory options, such as cummerbunds, and vests, and are usually worn with a matching necktie or bow tie. To finish the look off, having a matching hanker chief, will make the groom look polished!
Suit – also known as a cutaway jacket, the suit jacket can have as little a one button, and as many a four. Suits can be dressed up or down depending on formality. Suit jackets usually come in black or grey, but now coming back into style is the brown suit. A groom can dress up his suit in a variety of ways, with a top hat, cane, and by adding gloves if he so desired. Suits can be worn with a variety of ties, shirts, and vests.

When you are looking at suits, they are a few different options that change the look of the suit dramatically, such as lapels, collars, and the style of neckties. For example you could choose an ascot which is a wide tie, that is held in place under the chin with a tack. Other great necktie options are the bow tie, a euro which is a knotted and square bottomed, or what they call a four-in-hand, the most common tie, which is long knotted with the V cut bottom.
Granted, men don’t have as many choices as women do. However with the right outfit, and a few great accessories, the men have the chance to shine as well.

~Imagine Events.