Your Song. Your Event. Your Story

Your Song. Your Event. Your Story.

Custom Songs

Your Song. Your Event. Your Story.

Imagine your story turned into your song. Custom songs are a great way to personalize your experience, whether that is through branding your company or creating a special moment for a loved one with a radio-quality song written by the nationally award-winning songwriter, Trevis Prince.

A singer/songwriter friend of mine is offering something so unique and inspiring for your special event that I just HAD to share with you! I’ve never heard of this until now.
He writes and records custom songs for events of all kinds (ex. baby showers, birthdays & weddings, anniversaries), creates a CD out of it, includes a “platinum album” music industry plaque with engraved song lyrics, and he will even sing your personal song live at your event.

He also writes songs for speakers, authors, and businesses to inspire their employees  and clients! This is a great way to give your partner, the surprise of their life! Now is the time to act while he is still accepting custom song orders.

Hear song samples: – Click on ‘About’ & then ‘Custom Songs’


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