Your Pet-friendly wedding!

As a dog lover, I can completely understand the idea of wanting your family pet t0 be a part of your special day! However, depending on your pet, animals can react in variety of ways in large groups of people. So you have to consider your pet’s personality in regards to how you can use them to be a part of your wedding day. Here’s a few idea’s on how Fido can be a special part of your day:

1. The Ring Bearer

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A lot of people immediately want to use Fido as their ring bearer for their wedding. Your dog would have to be very well-trained to be able to do this. If you pet is overly hyper, this may not be a good fit. Alternatively if your dog is very skittish, you may want someone to pull the dog down the aisle in a wagon. Another thing to consider is if your ceremony location will allow pets. If you’re getting married outside, or in a park, it will be more likely that you can have your dog in tow.

2. Your wedding photography

If you can’t find a way to incorporate your pooch in the wedding itself, you can always have some special photo’s done with the four-legged members of your family! You can use these photo’s for Save-the-Date’s, Invitations, Table Numbers, and other assorted stationary at your wedding.

3. At the Reception

Can Fido do some amazing tricks? If your venue will allow your pet at the reception, feel free to use Fido as entertainment. Consider hiring a dog sitter to show off your dog to your guests during the cocktail hour.

~Imagine Events.